thepeople development factory

A partnership between Experience It and GE

Our Mission

Our project’s mission is to redefine and democratize high quality, leadership education and distribution for a new age.

For nearly 30 years, global organizations have leveraged the power of experience it simulations to help their people leaders practice, master and exercise the behaviors critical to their strategic success. We have shifted the behaviors of more than 130,000 leaders at many of the world’s leading companies, including GE, Microsoft, Whirlpool, Bank of Montreal, Cisco, Boeing and many more.

Increasingly complex environment and the importance of digital and Artificial Intelligence is changing the way that leaders lead and managers manage. Our sophisticated in-classroom simulations and our digital immersive simulations have evolved to reflect a new human/digital partnership that elevates the importance of Culture, Adaptive and Integrated Teams and Scale (CATS). The future of work is in teams: Team Culture, Team Intelligence, Team Integration Across the Enterprise; and Leaders need to lead their teams in new ways to fully leverage the power of people and smart machines.

The People Development Factory

“It’s the magic of the ability to weave a robust story that inspires someone to think beyond who they are. The player is not listening to the story; they are a character in the story. So now everything comes to life … You can be who you are; you can start to think about who you want to be, and practice the skills that will let you do that. It inspires you to dream big.”

- Natalia Preiss-Seybold, Functional Learning Leaders in Product Management at GE

Target audience

We are focused on making a proven, powerful leadership simulation available for free to mission-driven, not-for-profit organizations on the neighborhood, municipal, national and global levels.


Available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android tablets.


Perfect for a geographically dispersed audience, the People Development Factory can be easily rolled out to global audiences of 10 to 100,000. As a single player simulation that can be stopped and started as the learner's time allows, participants don't need to wait for training to occur, it can easily be accessed 24/7/365, anyplace, anytime.

Program Details

The People Development Factory is an immersive, three-episode simulation that participants can experience on Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android tablets. Each episode takes about 90-120 minutes to finish, and the Digital Mentor feedback and debriefing takes about an additional 30-40 minutes.

Episode 1: The Assignment

The first episode focuses on getting to know your people and building and leading your team.

Episode 1 is currently being Beta tested by companies such as Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, GE Global Learning, not-for-profits and schools. Episode 2 and 3 will launch in the second quarter of 2018. Each episode becomes considerably more complex, challenging, and intense.

Episode 2: The Challenge

The second episode widens your scope around how you lead your team inside an interconnected world, and challenges you to use new leadership styles and actions to uncover talents and attributes, discover engagement drivers and align people with key roles and assignments.

Episode 3: The Renaissance

The third episode further expands your leadership challenges around how you lead your team inside a changing internal and external reality. It takes you into a much more digital and challenging VUCA World (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) where you need to unleash the creative potential of each person to contribute to the success of the team and the mission.

Learning Goals Addressed

The rules of the leadership game are changing on every level of society. Change is becoming the new normal for leadership. The People Development Factory is your leadership practice field designed to teach basics, shift mindsets and change behaviors. Across the three dramatic and engaging episodes, you will discover, practice, and gain customized feedback in the following four learning pillars:

Building and leading

Building and leading a powerful, purpose-driven team

Innovative team culture

Creating an adaptive and innovative team culture

Contextual intelligence

Increasing the leader’s and teams contextual intelligence

Digital world leadership

Leading in an increasingly digital, complex, volatile and ambiguous world.

Summary of the experience

We choose a factory setting as a universally known and understood paradigm. The lessons learned in this ‘factory’ have been designed to be as applicable to leading a grassroots, purpose-driven community group in Nairobi as they are to a national not-for-profit office in London.

Players in the PDF simulation lead and interact with a diverse team of five, unique individuals, helping them turn around a fading factory that has fallen on hard times. By the end of Episode 3, the players will have evolved into a very effective and powerful team inside an increasingly complex, volatile and technologically enabled world.

Each of the team member the player leads has a distinct personality and set of talents and skills. Each has personal and professional aspirations, challenges, strengths and weaknesses. The player gets to know their team members through rich conversations over time, including general and specific coaching conversations and team meetings.

The Digital Mentor™ Experience
Insight, Feedback, Transfer and Application


The game tracks every player’s choices and actions, and provides individual, customized, behavioral feedback through our proprietary Digital Mentor™ technology. The Digital Mentor™ provides a customized report that analyzes each player’s decisions and how those actions affect the team’s alignment to purpose, engagement and ultimately performance. The feedback happens on in the following three levels at the end of each episode.

Team Feedback

Each of your team members (non-player characters with whom you have interacted in detailed conversations in each episode) gives you direct feedback on your managerial style and choices.

Behavioral Patterns Based on Leadership Research

The Digital Mentor™ finds patterns in the choices and actions the leader has taken. These patterns are compared to Behavioral Patterns based on Leadership Research in over 60 managerial categories. Most of these apply equally to leading a protest group in your community as they do to leading a not for profit organization of thousands.

Contextual Intelligence

The player receives a Contextual Intelligence report. This shows how broad their thinking is. This skill to think more broadly is critical for leading in a more interconnected, complex world in a community, city or across national boundaries.